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    Products & Services
    CBC(Chugai Boyeki Co.,Ltd) is a conglomerate company based in japan with global network operations in 40 locations all over the world. We provide a broad range of products and services since 1925. Our business was started as a trading company providing chemicals, plastic and lifestyle products. We have extended our business to be a manufacturer of Optical lens, CCTV security products, Flexible Packaging,Pharmaceutical APIs and Automotive plastic parts. We have been in Thailand around 50 years to bring new value into the market.
    CCTV Security Chemical & Resin Food & Packaging Lifestyle Machinery Manufacturng
    We are a leading CCTV manufacturer with the brand Computar/Ganz We offer a wide range of specialty chemicals and raw materials.. We produce flexible packaging and provide special films. We offer a variety products of lifestyel like household and eldery care products. We offer innovative machinery equipments . We have factories producing automotive parts, mold- making & rapid prototyping.
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